The question is how do you LIVE in the wake of this?

July 29, 2010

— one reader, Kate, just asked.

How we LIVE in the wake of this, is a damn good question. i can’t say i have one answer. its piecemeal, patchwork. my sense of time has dramatically shifted and time is speeding up. this helps. staying focused on my purpose for being here helps. appreciating every little kernel of beauty and kindness, transforming my point of view so dramatically so that this life looks and feels like heaven on earth, helps. feeling john’s presence everyday helps. connecting to spirit, that helps. knowing a hell of an Afterparty awaits me after i pass, that helps. living up to my potential helps. Grieving helps. Crying, crying, and crying some more until the tears of sadness turn into tears of something else….love, helps.

maybe this will help…just a wee bit, at least for now, this moment. there’s so much more to add, and i will, in time.


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