* inspiration * the Butterfly circus *

August 24, 2010

I thought I’d share a short movie that a friend emailed me around 9 months ago. It’s heart wrenching – reminding me that life is an amazing bittersweet  sweet journey, and I’ve got to keep going on.

“The greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph”


2 Responses to “* inspiration * the Butterfly circus *”

  1. Avalon said

    Thank you for posting this amazing video, Sarah. I had not heard about Nick Vujicic before and he truly is an inspiration. Though I’m not a Christian, I am familiar with the Love of the Divine, have felt it fill me up and shine forth. And though I know it never leaves me, sometimes I just can’t feel it, that I’m drained of it, like right now. Hopefully, if I can hold on a bit longer, I’ll get it back. We’ll see. Thanks again!

    • Yes, the love is always there. Please hold on and it will surely come back and shine more brightly.I”m glad you liked the video – I had never heard of it before either and it moved me to tears. You gotta hold on.
      Thanks for writing Avalon!

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