Fellow Travelers

August 27, 2010

I want to share a link to the recent article in the Huffington Post by the beautiful and amazing Elisa Medhus – author of the also beautiful and amazing blog channelingerik. Her blog is truly an inspiration to me. Somehow between working as a doctor, being a mom to 4 kids, and going through her own grieving process she has time to post multiple blog entries a day AND respond to practically every comment. I’m in awe of this woman, and on more than one occasion I have had some rather funny and moving communication with her son Erik who has passed over to the other side.

I really like this article because she explains how she moved from being very scientific to now having a true knowing about spirit and the afterlife. Like me, her grieving process – and the shock of the loss of her beloved son to suicide – has rattled all of her firmly held beliefs about “the way the world works- goddamnit!”

I am in the midst of an intense letting go process right now (since i just recently completed my book) – and i feel like crap, and so I am not able to write about my daily spiritual practices and processes that I have cultivated through out my grief like I have been intending. Once this thing has moved through me I will be sure to get back to it, as it was an invaluable learning experience and helps me connect daily to this new way of being in the world and to John on a regular basis. But Elisa speaks about this in a way, so she will provide a wonderfully articulated context for me. It’s all a process of opening the heart ~ opening the mind.

A Skeptics Journey Through Grief ~ By Elisa Medhus


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