Transpersonal Suicide

September 14, 2010

I’m sorry I’ve been a little out of commission these days- I was visiting with family and friends in New York and am also getting adjusted to my new internship placement.

One thing that’s very exciting for me is that an article that I have been working on for three years – from before John passed over — has finally been published! It’s called:

Understanding the Motivation for Suicide from a Transpersonal Perspective: Research and Clinical Approaches

The article is about how some people make suicide attempts because they are looking to move from this earthly form of life into another more spiritual, heavenly realm that is reported to exist in the afterlife. Suicide is therefore not a movement to die, rather a desire for life to be different: utopianic, blissful, and more in alignment with spiritual ideals.  This was at the heart of John’s suicide.

The surprising thing is– there is NO scholarly literature within the fields of psychology or suicidology that discusses this. Some researchers are beginning to circle around these ideas. but no one has officially made the connection between suicide and a spiritual longing for home. So in the article I provide some overview of the literature already available and then some other literature that informs my ideas and is as close as I could find in order to help construct my point. I am excited that now these ideas are officially OUT there and other psychologists can access them! It seems that as the world is shifting, our understanding about suicide needs to shift so that we can better help those who are longing for something better and feel they have no other options than to die. How can we bring the transcendent that we envision and have trace memories of, down into our everyday mundane lives and become so fully embodied and aligned with our life purpose that we no longer seek death as our salvation?

The article is, of course, dedicated to my beloved John with the big blue eyes.


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