This is a blog about one woman’s journey from death to love. It’s about life and it’s about death: what it means and how it feels to long to die, to long for Home, for a return to our original Source. It’s also about the lived experience of surviving massive, colossal heartbreak from the death of a dear loved one, be it in the form of suicide or otherwise. And in and out and through all of these soul dives, this blog is about choosing life in spite of all the pain and darkness. It’s about the ways in which we wake up every day, go inside, and find the will to live and the inspiration and faith to make the life we are given the best damn life we could possibly imagine.

This is my story. Here I share my own struggles with existence and being a survivor of my beloved’s suicide. I share the understandings I have come to through the suicide of my beloved soul-mate, best friend, and partner John. And I share my journey to hell and back and how I made it through to the other side of my grief and what I’ve found here. This blog is about a woman’s discovery of herself and her heart in this big deep world and how she found her passion for life again. I’ll also be including excerpts from my memoir called Love You Like the Sky, a love story about how to survive in the wake of the death of a soul mate.

My intention is to share the wisdom I have learned through my trials and offer whatever hope and inspiration I can to those of you out there who struggle with similar longings and questions and who have felt so alone, as I have, on your path. You are not alone.

The ideas and experiences expressed here stem from a more alternative spiritual perspective than the mainstream one. I invite you to open your minds and hearts and consider some new ideas and perhaps new ways of being.

Disclaimer: This site in no way encourages a suicide attempt (as my platform will be discussed in several posts). It offers support and empathy for those who are considering suicide, those who have made an attempt before, or those who are survivors of someone else’s suicide.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. elana said

    wow, what a unique, supportive and empathetic blog. this can hopefully become a fantastic tool for those struggling to choose life. it’s very inspirational.
    sharing your wisdom is a fantastic contribution to the world.


  2. Deena said

    You are SO strong.
    I love you.

  3. Sarah, this is such an amazing blog. Your book about your journey is so filled with your openness, your empathy, your spirit–you shine through every sentence. I lost both my sister and brother to suicide when they were in their 30s; it was as though they simply lost the will to live. I have never been suicidal, yet I am so aware of its pull for others. I have tried unsuccessfully to write about this pain and suffering, and I stand in awe of your accomplishment here. I very much admire that you’ve looked so hard at this subject, that you’ve experienced it so painfully and heartbreakingly, and that you write about it with such understanding and love. I love the post about the psychic contacting John. You give us all such hope. Thank you! I will definitely buy your book!

  4. Christina said

    What a brave blog! Emotional to read and very honest. Thanks for sharing this – I know it’s not easy!


  5. John said

    A beautiful song about “Home”.

    • Cool song. Lots of cool people and artists out there vibing on the same felt feeling. Love it. I used to have a reggae-colored beaded necklace (or two) that was exactly like his…very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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