“What do they call you?” a homeless man in Santa Monica once asked me as he skillfully bummed a cigarette. “They,” I replied, “call me Sarah.” And indeed that is my name. Born, raised, and educated in Manhattan, I spent the first 26 years of my life in NYC, in between various stints trying to live in North Carolina, Rio de Janeiro, and Tel Aviv. I finally left NY for warmer winters and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where I am currently completing my Phd in clinical psychology – and specializing in suicide prevention.

A year after the death of my boyfriend John, I moved down to Los Angeles (Santa Monica to be exact) for a fresh start. Here I am finishing up my dissertation on ‘spiritual forms of mate selection,’ editing my book Love You Like the Sky – – about suicide, heartbreak, and John–, volunteering at the Suicide Prevention Center, and continuing to heal while getting into a variety of different adventures, of which you will surely catch snippets.

My sidekick in action is a darling grey tabby cat named Hazel, who’s more canine in personality than feline. Every morning she sits by my side during my meditation practice and stares wide-eyed at whatever unseen beings and angels happen to be visiting, before she promptly passes out in a nap.




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